Women's Health Practice

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Basic infertility evaluation

At Women's Health Practice we offer infertility services. We evaluate your medical history, we help you pregnancy plan, we want you to understand your chances of being pregnant, help you understand your chances for successful pregnancy and offer a variety of therapies for fertility. We can perform hormone testing, checking your ovarian age, genetic counseling, ovulation monitoring, checking the health of your fallopian tubes, understanding the health of your uterus, and evaluate what happened if you had a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Our focus is on whole woman wellness to have the best chance for a healthy pregnancy and we want you to understand how to maximize your chances. We can evaluate your records and your prior treatments. We are mindful of the costs and the effectiveness of fertility strategies and want to help work with you, and your insurance coverage, or work with you if you have no coverage.

Fallopian Tube Testing

Infertility due to blockage of fallopian tubes accounts for almost 20% of cases. We offer hysterosalpingograms and saline infusion sonography (SIS) to check the fallopian tubes. In addition laparoscopic evaluation and surgery is sometimes necessary, which we offer. We do not currently offer tubal reversal surgery.

Artificial Insemination

We offer husband or donor insemination services. Individual consultation is required prior to treatments.