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Abortions if You Are Age 17 or Younger

If you are considering an abortion and are 17 or under, you need to know about Illinois' Parental Notice of Abortion Law. Under this law, you must notify an "adult family member" before you can have the abortion.

You do not have to notify an "adult family member" just to talk about your options regarding your pregnancy. You can make an appointment by calling 217-356-3736 and we can help you navigate your choices.

ACLU Fact Sheet

Written Notice: Adult Family Member Waiver Letter
Notice by Phone: Call 217-356-3736, we can notify them by phone. Please contact our specialized team for more information.
Notice by Mail: We can notify them by certified letter, however, if you choose this, your appointment would need to be scheduled to make certain the letter is received.
Notice by Physician: If you prefer that your physician notify them, you may download the referring physician letter, have your physician complete it, and bring the form with you on the day of your appointment. Referring Physician Letter.
Illinois Judicial Bypass Coordination Project

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