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Abortion Care Links

At Women’s Health Practice, we understand that the Internet is a great tool for finding information and support. It can be an excellent resource to help you in your decision—making process or with post-abortion healing.

Unfortunately, as you search online, you may come across information that is negative, anti-choice, or just plain wrong. We want women to access accurate and honest information when searching online. These links are pro-choice and supportive.


A great workbook online to guide you through the decision-making process when facing a pregnancy decision.


An excellent resource for women who may have religious or spiritual questions regarding abortion. Faith Aloud provides free counseling and many other great resources for women.


A website to help you decide if the surgical or pill method is right for you.


This site offers accurate, unbiased information on a variety of reproductive health rights, including abortion. It contains links to many other pro-choice websites.


This group offers excellent, pro-choice counseling via the phone.


This free talk line offers a safe and confidential space for women and their loved ones to talk openly about pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption.


A site where women can share their positive experiences with abortion.

"Women's Health Practice treated me as if I was family. They respected my choice and made me feel very comfortable. Keep up the great work!"